Seven Devils Lodge

Entrance to Seven Devils Lodge

Most people would say I’m a city girl. A high heel wearing, Louie Vuitton carrying, skinny latte drinking city slicker. Fiiiine, that’s true. Most of the time that is my routine, but not ALL the time. Once in a while, I’m happy to trade in the hustle and bustle of my crazy life, for a little peace and quiet. That’s exactly what I got on my trip to Seven Devils Lodge.  You’ll never make it there on accident, but once you’ve pull up to the OX Ranch, you’ll be so happy you’ve arrived. Seven Devils Lodge is nestled in the shadows of the Seven Devils Mountain Range, just 2.5 hours outside of Boise, Idaho. A little piece of heaven tucked far away from the noise of the city.



Racing around on the quad! I floored it!

The managers of the ranch DR and his wife Teddi are just darling. So hospitable and lovely. They really made the weekend a true “outdoorsy” experience for me! I guess the phrase “outdoorsy” experience is all relative. Some of the Seven Devils guests come up to go bear hunting! Yikes, not for me, but I did spend plenty of time outside. From hiking, to quad rides, I even tagged along for a skeet shooting excursion and fired a gun myself. Not just any gun. When DR put the Remington 12 guage in my hands, I thought, no way can I shoot this thing! But after a brief lesson, I was firing away. Man, does that thing really kick back at you! (I had  to nurse my shoulder for a few days.)



Learning how to handle a shotgun


Since I’m a novice, I mostly shot around the targets placed in the snowy hill for me. I also learned how to shoot a pistol. Now that is something I can handle. Small, quick and easy! I felt like one of Charlie’s Angels!

Ok. I’ll admit it, I am a true city girl at heart, but after a weekend at Seven Devil’s, I’m reconsidering. After all, there’s something to be said for crisp mountain air filling your lungs, the sound of nothing but silence for miles and sitting on a porch in a rocking chair, watching the sun set over the mountains. The city may have Starbucks, but it doesn’t have that.



Afternoon sun from the Seven Devils Lodge patio



Peaceful views.



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