Luck of the Irish

Dublin was all decked out and ready for the Holidays. That sign says Merry Christmas in Gaelic!

“We may have bad weather in Ireland, but the sun shines in the hearts of the people and keeps us all warm.” -Marianne Williamson

I couldn’t agree more! Our trip to Ireland was cold, cloudy and rainy for the most part, but my husband and I really enjoyed our time in the Emerald Isle!  We started out our journey (after a canceled flight and huge delay on the East Coast) in Dublin, the country’s biggest city. Dublin was bustling with excitement and through the clouds and rain, thousands of twinkling lights and Christmas decorations lite up the city!

You can’t head to Dublin without stopping in the respective homes of what the Irish are famous for…booze and beer! First, we stepped back in time and toured the famous Jameson Distillery .  There’s so much tradition and history in that building and of course, the hubby loved the whiskey sampling at the end of the tour. We also toured the state- of- the- art St. James’s Gate Brewery…home of Guinness since 1759!! The best part- enjoying a Guinness at the 7th floor Gravity Bar with a panoramic view of Dublin.

The Jameson Distillery gives a peek at the history of whiskey making in Ireland since the late 1700’s! They also give yummy tastings!

Getting reacquainted with an old friend from high above the city.











After 2 days in Dublin, (and many pubs) we hopped in a rental car and hit the road for the coast! Despite the fact that the Irish drive on the opposite side of the road AND the steering wheel is also on the opposite side of the car, we somehow made it safely to our next destination. (Btw, I never even attempted to get behind the wheel, thankfully my husband is a skilled driver!) Next stop, the little town of Cong and home to the GORGEOUS Ashford Castle. This old mysterious castle was built waaay back in 1228, but is now a quiet and romantic destination for travelers.  I’m pretty sure it’s haunted, so on my next visit I’ll have to investigate.

We would so love to go back to Ashford Castle some day. It was just beautiful!

Ashford Castle was breathtaking! I mean how cool is that?!


Come on, doesn’t this place look kinda haunted?! Super spooky…I loved it!




















Back on the road and to Doolin and the The Cliffs of Moher we go! Wow! What an incredible site! The Cliffs of Moher sail over 700 feet high and stretch 5 miles long. Truly a magnificent and sacred place. We also enjoyed the sleepy little coastal town of Doolin, just a few miles from The Cliffs. During the summer, Doolin is supposed to be full of tourists and very lively, in the winter…not so much. Most of the B & B’s were closed for the off season and the town was probably at it’s sleepiest. No prob for us, the quieter the better!

Beautiful beyond belief!

Doolin was darling! I would definitely suggest checking it out in the summer.




We were lucky enough to visit on a clear day with a picture perfect sunset







Our last few days in Ireland were spent in Limerick a charming city along the Shannon River. We hid from the rain by ducking in and out of little restaurants  and enjoying local Irish music. All together the trip was a blast! I didn’t mind being there in December because each city was so Christmassy and spirited! Plus, we were able to grab some pretty good deals on hotels that would have been a fortune in the summer, especially the castle! Hopefully we can go back some day and finish exploring that beautiful country.

Taking a stroll in Dublin!

Wonderful country, wonderful trip!

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