Aloha Kauai!

Poolside at the Westin! Life is good!

Poolside at the Westin! Life is good!

When my sis-in-law and bro-in-law, invited my hubby and I on their “It’s-our-10-year-anniversary-and-we-need-a-trip-without-our-3-little-boys-Hawaiian vacation” I didn’t even think twice! Yessss! 5 days in paradise with some of my favorite people sounded perfect to me! The beach, the warm air, the fruity drinks…YES PLEASE!

Our trip to Kauai, although much too short, was a total blast! We decided to stay on the north side of the island in Princeville at the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas. The resort sits on the edge of a cliff and gave us breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean. Ahhh! It was honestly so beautiful. (I made my hubby promise that we are going back to that Westin someday when we have kiddos because it’s a definitely a family friendly resort!)

The beautiful Westin Princeville grounds

The beautiful Westin Princeville grounds


Even though, one of my main goals of the trip was some major R & R- we barely had time to relax! We were on the go a ton because there’s so much to do on that beautiful island. The highlight for me was seeing the Na’Pali Coast. First, we saw the gorgeous coast by boat on a sunset cruise. Wow, some of the landscapes were so beautiful, they hardly seemed real-almost like a movie set. My photos don’t do it justice-it was truly amazing. Now the cruise would have been 100% uh-mazing, but the weather made it a little tricky. It rained pretty hard which meant choppy waves, which meant seasickness for a lot of people…you get the picture. Not so fun. Fortunately, things turned around quickly, just like the saying  “after the rain, there’s always a rainbow.” That’s exactly what happened when the skies cleared…times 2! A double rainbow!!! (I was seriously freaking out and doing some sort of crazy double rainbow dance!) Then dozens of spinner dolphins popped by to say hello as we sailed into the sunset. Spectacular!

A double rainbow appears! So magical!

A double rainbow appears! So magical

The famed Na'Pali Coast means The Cliffs in Hawaiian.

The famed Na’Pali Coast means The Cliffs in Hawaiian.









Then we hiked the Na’Pali Coast via the Kalalau trail. For the more advanced or courageous hiker, you can hike the entire 11 mile trail and back in 2 days. We decided on the more “user friendly” option…4-ish miles round trip with a stop at Hanakapiai stream and beach. The terrain was so green and lush and around every corner was a view more gorgeous than last one! The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing-we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!

Hiking the Kalalau Trail

Hiking the Kalalau Trail


My yum “Fourth of July” shave ice!!!! The best eve









Following that wonderful hike, I had the most delish shave ice of my life!!! Seriously so YUM!! Strawberry, coconut, and vanilla on top of macadamia nut ice cream! I literally want to start a shave ice business in my garage! It could be a huge money maker! I am ub-sessed!

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to my sis-in-law and bro-in-law!!

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to my sis-in-law and bro-in-law!!

There were a million other wonderful parts of our trip including the yum food, beautiful music, relaxing massage, the warm water, beach time, delish coffee, fresh fruit, gorg sunsets and sunrises, …ETC ETC ETC. What a magical place! Mahalo Kauai! See you next time!!






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  • watched you on channel 10 in phoenix miss you a lot haven’t found anyone I like so move to 15 where are you now

  • Question; Howis it “sis-n-law” and “bro-n-law”??

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