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Good Day!

My clothes are laid out, my lunch is packed and my alarm clock is set for 2:45am. It feels like the first day of really early school, but it’s actually my first day at a new job! Tomorrow I’m back to starting my mornings long before the sun rises so I can help you start your day with a smile. I’m joining the crew on Good Day Sacramento on Channel 31 from 4:30 -10:00am in a utility player role: hosting, weather, reporting, anchoring… maybe even sweeping the studio floor! Oh and I’ll also be filling in with the crew on CBS 13 on some mornings. I’m excited to start something new, beginnings are always fun. 

I’ve gotta admit, starting a TV job in my hometown is a teeny bit nerve wracking. I mean, normally when I go on-air in a new city I’m just “the new girl” until viewers get to know me. But now the pressure is on because all of my family (and I have a HUGE family) and friends are here and will be watching! Eeek! Nah, it’ll be great to have the extra support and the best part of all…for the first time ever my Nonno and Nonni, who are both 95 years old, will be able to watch me on TV every morning. This is also the city where I got my start in the biz. That’s right, back in the late 90’s I anchored my high school’s newscast, TV News Rio, every other Thursday. Ha! I have got to dig up some of that old footage! 


Anchoring alongside my friend Brooke. We were quite the budding journalists.

 I won’t be on-air at first as I’ll be training on the weather computer, but starting in a few days if you’re in Sacramento I hope you’ll check me out on GDS and CBS. (Imagine I’m raising a coffee cup to cheers you…) Here’s to a new beginning! 

I am moving. Again. I know it seems like we just moved (which we did), but this time I swear it’s not on me. My husband was given a wonderful opportunity to manage an office in Northern California. He just couldn’t pass it up. So here weeeee go!

DSC05425Like most moves, this one is bittersweet. I am exceptionally sad to leave SoCal…my life and my friends here and the beach. Man, do I love the beach. It’s my thinking place. I usually go at least once a day if only to dig my toes in the warm sand or watch the sun melt over the horizon. It’s a sacred place for me and I will surely miss going to “my office” everyday. 

As hard as it is to leave, I am also looking forward to a homecoming of sorts. I haven’t lived north of Santa Barbara since I left for college when I was 18. My entire family and many, many close friends will be there to greet us in our new home. There is something quite comfortable about the familiarity of it all.  

As for work, I will be back at it in no time! I can’t wait to tell you what I’ll be up to and bring you along for the ride. I will also be back down South often, working here and there and of course visiting the beach.

I am embracing this change as a time to close one chapter and start a new one. While I am thankful for my story and what brought me here, I am so ready to keep moving forward and see what’s next. Sometimes you think you’ve got life all planned out and then BOOM! A door closes, another one opens and there you are. It’s often in these times we experience life’s sweetest moments. 

If you’re reading this right now, I really want to say THANK YOU. You may not realize it, but you’ve made an enormous impact in my life and I am extremely grateful. Wishing you light and love. XOXO

 “My sun sets to rise again.” -Robert Browning 



Peace out 2014. I gotta admit you weren’t my favorite year, but boy did you teach me a TON of lessons. 


The best thing about this year was for sure my relationship with my husband. Boy we’ve been through so much together. It’s been a very trying time and it’s tested our marriage. I am happy to report we came out the other end stronger and closer than ever before. If we could get through 2014, we can get through anything! 



So let’s do this 2015! I am ready to greet you with humility, grace and patience. 

I don’t usually make resolutions for the New Year because I think they’re silly. Shouldn’t you be losing weight/smiling more/cutting our sugar/worrying less year round? Well anyway, this year I am making some important resolutions because it just needs to happens. I am ready for a positive year with positive changes. Please read about my 5 Fertility Resolutions HERE


If you need me in 2015…I’ll be floating. image

These December sunsets. WOW. Sunsets like this remind me of how much beauty there is in the world. It’s all outside my doorstep just waiting for me to discover it. God’s artwork is spectacular. 




Certainly not a White Christmas here in LA, but beautiful none the less. It sure is peaceful in Griffith Park high above the city. Lola likes the view too. 

Christmas lights make me so happy. This house in my neighborhood is especially darling. Why can’t Christmas lights be a year round thing? image

Christmas is about being with family. I’ve always believed that. But this year being in my hometown surrounded by lots of babies and preggo bellies seemed too hard for me. It’s been a rough year and I figured why torture myself? So Gabe and I decided to stay home for Christmas this year. My parents were nice enough to come down and celebrate with us. Last year when I thought of Christmas this is definitely not the way I pictured things, but if I’ve learned anything it’s that we are NOT IN CONTROL. God’s plan for us is far better than the one I would have chosen. So on this Christmas I am grateful for this little moment right here.


Wondering what I want for Christmas? I bet you can guess. I am now an official blogger for Fertility Authority and have written a letter to Santa. You can read it HEREAnyway, I’m really hoping for a Christmas miracle this year. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


A huge thank you to my bestie for letting me borrow this pic of her darling son for my blog. Isn’t Hunter the cutest?!

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