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Peace out 2014. I gotta admit you weren’t my favorite year, but boy did you teach me a TON of lessons. 


The best thing about this year was for sure my relationship with my husband. Boy we’ve been through so much together. It’s been a very trying time and it’s tested our marriage. I am happy to report we came out the other end stronger and closer than ever before. If we could get through 2014, we can get through anything! 



So let’s do this 2015! I am ready to greet you with humility, grace and patience. 

I don’t usually make resolutions for the New Year because I think they’re silly. Shouldn’t you be losing weight/smiling more/cutting our sugar/worrying less year round? Well anyway, this year I am making some important resolutions because it just needs to happens. I am ready for a positive year with positive changes. Please read about my 5 Fertility Resolutions HERE


If you need me in 2015…I’ll be floating. image

These December sunsets. WOW. Sunsets like this remind me of how much beauty there is in the world. It’s all outside my doorstep just waiting for me to discover it. God’s artwork is spectacular. 




Certainly not a White Christmas here in LA, but beautiful none the less. It sure is peaceful in Griffith Park high above the city. Lola likes the view too. 

Christmas lights make me so happy. This house in my neighborhood is especially darling. Why can’t Christmas lights be a year round thing? image

Christmas is about being with family. I’ve always believed that. But this year being in my hometown surrounded by lots of babies and preggo bellies seemed too hard for me. It’s been a rough year and I figured why torture myself? So Gabe and I decided to stay home for Christmas this year. My parents were nice enough to come down and celebrate with us. Last year when I thought of Christmas this is definitely not the way I pictured things, but if I’ve learned anything it’s that we are NOT IN CONTROL. God’s plan for us is far better than the one I would have chosen. So on this Christmas I am grateful for this little moment right here.


Wondering what I want for Christmas? I bet you can guess. I am now an official blogger for Fertility Authority and have written a letter to Santa. You can read it HEREAnyway, I’m really hoping for a Christmas miracle this year. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


A huge thank you to my bestie for letting me borrow this pic of her darling son for my blog. Isn’t Hunter the cutest?!

Sometime when the lighting is reallllly good and you’re wearing super cute boots- you must have a photo shoot. Haha! Thank goodness my husband is so patient. Actually I am extremely grateful for the way he’s grown in the last year. What a wonderful man I have. (And what cute Tory Burch boots I have!) Lucky me!image



I thoroughly enjoy wrapping presents. There is something quite satisfying about wrestling with wrapping paper and curling a ribbon just so.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I love the wrapped presents under my tree more than I like seeing what’s inside. 

In December there’s nothing better than cranking up the Mariah Carey Pandora station, sipping wine and wrapping presents by my Tree. 

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