Good Day!

My clothes are laid out, my lunch is packed and my alarm clock is set for 2:45am. It feels like the first day of really early school, but it’s actually my first day at a new job! Tomorrow I’m back to starting my mornings long before the sun rises so I can help you start your day with a smile. I’m joining the crew on Good Day Sacramento on Channel 31 from 4:30 -10:00am in a utility player role: hosting, weather, reporting, anchoring… maybe even sweeping the studio floor! Oh and I’ll also be filling in with the crew on CBS 13 on some mornings. I’m excited to start something new, beginnings are always fun. 

I’ve gotta admit, starting a TV job in my hometown is a teeny bit nerve wracking. I mean, normally when I go on-air in a new city I’m just “the new girl” until viewers get to know me. But now the pressure is on because all of my family (and I have a HUGE family) and friends are here and will be watching! Eeek! Nah, it’ll be great to have the extra support and the best part of all…for the first time ever my Nonno and Nonni, who are both 95 years old, will be able to watch me on TV every morning. This is also the city where I got my start in the biz. That’s right, back in the late 90’s I anchored my high school’s newscast, TV News Rio, every other Thursday. Ha! I have got to dig up some of that old footage! 


Anchoring alongside my friend Brooke. We were quite the budding journalists.

 I won’t be on-air at first as I’ll be training on the weather computer, but starting in a few days if you’re in Sacramento I hope you’ll check me out on GDS and CBS. (Imagine I’m raising a coffee cup to cheers you…) Here’s to a new beginning! 

9 Comments to “Good Day!”

  • Good Luck Alexis! I wish I could watch but I’m back in your old stomping grounds (Metro Phoenix) where you are still missed!

  • GOOD LUCK ALEXIS!!! Life changes for the best when we give it our best! You got this!

  • You will do great like always. We still miss your smiling face down in the Valley of the Sun.

  • Congratulations Alexis !! You are amazing. You will rock this position, so impressed by all you do!! Much love

  • Best Wishes to you! Still miss having you here in AZ though!

  • Fantastic Alexis!! New beginnings are fun. Glad you will be on air somewhere. Hope you are going to keep doing your blog. Looking forward to yoga posts from Sacramento!

  • Welcome to the Good Day Family. I look forward to getting to know you and learning from you.

  • I am so excited to start watching you in Sac! My mom always bumps into yours and I get all the updates. Welcome home!

  • Welcome back! I recognized you while watching GoodDay this morning and I remember those KRAT days too. Looking forward to seeing you on the air here. Best wishes!

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