Monday totally gets a bad rap. Out of all the days of the week, Monday gets the least love. Monday is like the uncoordinated kid in 5th grade who gets picked last in kickball. No one ever says “TGIM” or goes out to happy hour with friends on Monday or wears their cutest new DVF dress to work on Monday. (Ladies you know what I’m talking about.) Honestly though, can Monday really be that bad? Sure you’re back to work or school, that weekend high is gone and now you have to focus on real life stuff…but seriously what’s so terribly awful and dreadful about Monday. The same could be asked of Monday’s other not- so-popular friends Tuesday, Wednesday and sometimes Thursday. (Although in Thursdays defense, it does get a lot of hype because it also answers to Friday Eve.) Anyway, my point is why do we spend half the week wishing the days away? We’re so excited for Friday and Saturday that we totally miss the point of life-live it and love it! So I’ve decided…Monday (and all the other lame days of the week) is/are the new Friday. 

Monday is the new Friday

Monday is the new Friday

I’m using the new year, the next 365 days to live like everyday is Friday. Get up with gratitude, appreciate the small victories, do my (insert day of the week) Dance Break and pop open a bottle of champs just cuz. I seriously have so much to celebrate in my life, I know that I do. But I’m only human and sometimes I get bogged down by the stuff that’s not going perfectly. We’ve all been there right? Focusing on what we don’t have instead of what we do have. Well NO MORE! I am changing my attitude and living in gratitude. Oh and I’m going to document it all and bring you along for the ride! In 2014 I will make a conscious effort to acknowledge the little things, the simple things, the things I’d normally miss. It’s so easy to miss the best things in life while you’re waiting for something big to happen. 365 Fridays will be my year’s journey in gratitude. Finding peace in places that once caused strife, holding on to moments that were once fleeting and appreciating every single day of my life.

Each day is a blessing and this year I am focusing on it! Join me on this journey, won’t you? Comment below on what you’re grateful for today and come back for the next 365 Fridays.

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