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Sometime when the lighting is reallllly good and you’re wearing super cute boots- you must have a photo shoot. Haha! Thank goodness my husband is so patient. Actually I am extremely grateful for the way he’s grown in the last year. What a wonderful man I have. (And what cute Tory Burch boots I have!) Lucky me!image



I thoroughly enjoy wrapping presents. There is something quite satisfying about wrestling with wrapping paper and curling a ribbon just so.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I love the wrapped presents under my tree more than I like seeing what’s inside. 

In December there’s nothing better than cranking up the Mariah Carey Pandora station, sipping wine and wrapping presents by my Tree. 

Snowman sugar cookies at Christmas make me VERY happy. image


When we were living in San Diego, we would have a FriendsMas celebration ahead of actual Christmas. This las t year has been kinda tough of on us because we don’t have our core group of friends here in LA. We have lots of friends here, but LA is so spread out, that actually seeing someone takes an act of congress. It was quite lovely to take a little drive to San Diego and see some old friends. Boy, making that drive made me super nostalgic. I really miss San Diego. Hopefully some day we’ll end up there again. 



When these two homebodies make it out…like out, out. It’s kind of a big deal. My usual winter uniform consists of an oversized sweater, yoga pants and uggs. Tonight since we decided to actually leave the house, we’re classin’ it up a bit! I’m not saying it’s black tie, but we’re definitely not in our pjs. 

We’re back on The Doctors today. Truth be told, I don’t really watch the episodes we’re in because it makes me a tad uncomfortable. I did watch our segment today and it made me cry. Isn’t that weird? Watching myself on tv cry, made me cry. Sigh.  I just can’t wait for this nightmare to be over. On a positive note I did receive a ton of wonderful and supportive emails from people all over the country who watched our story. I was even offered a few donor embryos!! WOW! Can you believe that! What a generous gift. Gabe and I are tabling that issue for the moment. We were kind of hoping a birth mom considering adoption would reach out, but that hasn’t happened yet. Soooo, we’re still waiting for our baby. image



Even though Christmas has become totally over commercialized, I do think it’s fun to go shopping during the season. Everything is so festive and cheery. The Grove is especially darling this time of year. It may not feel like Winter in LA, but at least it kinda looks like it!

The sign of a good trip…too many fun pictures to look back on. As I sit here on my couch in LA with the sunshine pouring in the windows, I can only think back fondly on my great trip. Of course, I had to do yoga all over town. Tree pose at THE tree!image

What a wonderful vacation in a wonderful city. New York makes me feel inspired, refreshed and motivated. I can’t wait to come back here and work someday. It’s always been a dream of mine. Until then you gorgeous city you…

Picture perfect day in Central Park

Picture perfect day in Central Park

A day in New York with friends from Connecticut. It’s all too lovely. 

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